About me

Let's get to know each other

Working Process

I believe in working together with the client to create something beautiful and functional. Design is certainly not a one-way street. It takes some cooperation and open-mindedness from both sides of the project and I work hard to assess a client's needs before even putting pencil to paper.

Overall Vision

Graphic design and illustration really do make the world a more beautiful place. I apply modern design concepts to my work and go from there to create clean and modern designs with striking illustraton. I focus largely on applied color theory and typography to elevate designs to new heights.

My Mission

Anyone who has worked in design can tell you that quality takes a ton of work, and often, a ton of time. My mission is to maintain extremely high quality work while working under tight deadlines to provide the quickest turn times possible. Because what's better than a work of art delivered at lightning speed?

Here's A Little More Info...

I'm Cheyanne!

I have over 6 years of experience in graphic design work including magazine layout, ad design, copywriting, t-shirt design, animation, video editing, web design and illustration. I'm very focused and passionate about everything I do - tell me your vision and I can make it happen!  

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